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Overcoming childhood cancer with the power of



We operate in faith that cancer is unauthorized and conquerable. 


We believe and invest in the hope for a cure that will defeat cancer in this lifetime. We believe that research targeting the immune system to recognize cancer as unauthorized will bring the breakthrough to a cure.


We wrap our arms around kids and families in the midst of their battle with childhood cancer. We love on kids and families both financially and relationally. We also stand with families who have to navigate complicated treatment decisions by equipping them with resources that synthesize the latest research and information on treatment options. We love like Lexi and believe that love never fails. 


Our Inspiration

Lexi Lee Walker spent the majority of her life battling stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma until her ascent to heaven on May 12, 2021 at the age of three. As her body was going through harsh treatments and trauma, Lexi's spirit never waned and she inspired us all with her love, strength and humor throughout. Lexi shared her love freely and changed the lives of everyone she met. She also initiated a brand new treatment option and new research for relapsed neuroblastoma. We keep her memory alive and continue her legacy by fighting cancer with the power of love and choosing to love like Lexi today and every day.

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